A Kid’s Dream – Be My Own Boss

Growing up, I watched my father wheel and deal. I would fake being sick just to get a day off to follow my father around to different meetings. He would take me with him to follow up with customers, manage vendors, visit project sites. What amazed me was that my father didn’t actually produce anything, or fashion anything from his own hands. He made deals, sub-contracted projects to different vendors, and managed relationships. He had an office, but he was never there. This lead me to know 3 things about my future:

1) I wasn’t going to settle for some low paying job

2) I wasn’t going to be tied to some punch card and a clock

3) My future did not include any type of company uniform

30 plus years later, and things are on track. I’ve also picked up a few more things on the way and I’m sure my father would be proud.